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Summer fun day, by Miss Trotter

Sports Day, by Miss Trotter

Rainbow Club, by Mrs Robinson

Year 1 Trip to Blackpool Zoo, by Miss Hancock

Fiver Challenge club, by Miss Duffy

Disability Awareness Day, by Mrs McKeever

Disability Awareness Workshop, by Mrs Mackenzie

4P's Creative Homework, by Miss Lewis

Flashlight Friday, by Miss Duffy

Autism Awareness 31-3-17, by Mrs Mackenzie

Exploring with clay, by Mrs Mackenzie

Ancient Egypt Homework, by Mrs Mackenzie

Making Moving Toys, by Miss Trotter

Our Lowry Artwork, by Miss Trotter

4F Enrichment Week Spring 2, by Mrs Mackenzie

Light it up blue , by Mr Currie

Easter Craft, by Mr Currie

Jelly Instructions , by Mr Currie

Parent OT session , by Mr Currie

Arc visit to Grange , by Mr Currie

Mothers Day Craft , by Mr Currie