Pike Fold in the community!

Working with local business owners....

As part of our 'Pike Fold Christmas Appeal' initiative some members of our student council have been working with two local business's.  These business owners have kindly agreed to help us support a number of our families by providing these quality hampers through their voucher schemes!

Three of our Student Council members went out into the community to meet with the business owners and have their photos taken with an 'example hamper' displaying the kinds of products our supported families will expect to receive this Christmas.

The boys felt extremley proud to be a part of this appeal.

The details of our 2017 Christmas Appeal are below, we are still accepting any kind donations until the end of 15th December 2017.


Our Story....

Pike Fold Community Primary School is proud to be supported by such dedicated and committed staff members who are constantly trying to improve the lives and experiences of the young people in our care. We believe that all children deserve the right to be included in everything we celebrate in our local community, especially at Christmas time and our amazing team of professionals have recognised that not all children are in receipt of this and want to set this page up to enable them to donate some of their own money to such a worthy cause.

This is our very own PIKE FOLD CHRISTMAS APPEAL 2017 where staff, friends and members of the wider community of the school can donate how ever much they'd like to enable us to provide support for families in need.

We welcome donations from anyone outside of Pike Fold who are wanting to support our children and families at this time of year and thank everyone in advance for their generosity and kindness.


If you would like to make a donation please click Link.