Witches, wizards and spooky fun in the forest. 🦉

Date: 2nd Nov 2017 @ 9:53pm

As it is the spooky time of the year near Halloween we created some 'troll potion' to protect our forest school from spooky guests. The children gathered leaves, feathers, shells, trolls teeth, and mud to create their potions which we mixed in our couldren. Some children made wizard wands to cast spells as well as a broomstick! 

We continued to enjoy our mud kitchen making pumpkin pie and goblin stew. 

In our creative area we made spiders, pumpkins and monsters from clay and natural resources we found.

In the tool pit we made name cookies and various tools.

We enjoyed telling spooky stories around our campfire as we enjoyed toasted marshmellows. 

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Holly wrote:

I loved making the troll juice

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