All Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher – Mrs R. Farnell-Hill
Deputy Head teacher Early Years Foundation Stage & KS1 – Miss R. Hawcroft
Deputy Headteacher &  Inclusion Manager – Mrs J. McKeever
Deputy Headteacher &  KS2 Lead - Mr A. Morris
KS1 Phase Leader – Mr M. Gardom

UKS2 Phase leader Mr Graham
School Business Manager – Miss K. Nickson


Miss R. Hawcroft – EYFS Lead
Mrs C. McDonald - EYFS Lead Teacher
Ms K. Gates - Reception Teacher
Miss A. Whittle – Nursery Teacher
Mrs A. Armstrong – Nursery Teacher
Mrs S. Gyves-Ballantyne – Teaching Assistant
Mrs T. Hardy – Teaching Assistant
Miss Armistead - Teaching Assistant
Miss E. Faram - Teaching Assistant
Miss T. Clarke - Teaching Assistant
Miss R. Thomasson - Teaching Assistant

Miss K. Burgess - 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Key Stage One Team

Miss R Hawcroft– Key Stage 1 Lead
Miss V. Taylor - Year 1 Teacher
Miss Z. Hancock - Year 1 Teacher

Miss S. Timms - Year 2P Teacher
Mr M. Gardom - Year 2F Teacher and KS1  Lead

Ms Thompson – Teaching Assistant
Mrs S. Howarth – Teaching Assistant
Mrs C. Wood - Teaching Assistant

Mrs V. Renshaw - Teaching Assistant

Miss M. Casey - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs T. Clarke - Teaching Assistant

Lower Key Stage Two Team

Mr A Morris –  Key Stage 2 Lead

Mr D. Shevlin - Year 3P Teacher
Miss R. Shore-Molyneux – Year 3F Teacher
Ms L. Duffy - Year 4P Teacher
Mrs Appleyard- Year 4F Teacher

Miss S. Bowker- Teaching Assistant
Miss N. Booth - Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. Stevenson - Teaching Assistant

Miss S Morris -1:1 Teahing assistant

Mrs K Dearden -Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Jibson-Teaching Assostant

Upper Key Stage Two Team

Mr A Morris –  Key Stage 2 Lead

Miss L. Collins - Year 5P Teacher
Mr T. Marler - Year 5F Teacher
Mr G. Johnson - Year 6P Teacher
Mr R. Graham - Year 6F Teacher

Ms P. Worswick - Teching Assistant
Miss L. Ashton - Teaching Assistant

Miss J Taylor – Teaching Assistant
Mr S. Reece – Teaching Assistant

Miss H Cahill-Teaching Assistant
Mrs S. Childs - 1:1 Teaching Assistant
Mr D. Franks - 1:1 Teaching Assistant
Miss H. Heaps - 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Resourced Provision Team

Mr T Currie – Teacher
Mrs L. Heywood – Teaching Assistant
Mr J. Webster - Teaching Assistant

Administrative Team

Miss K. Nickson
Mrs J. Lees
Miss J. Howell

Family Engagement Officer 

Mrs J Gallimore

Special Educational Needs/Inclusion
Mrs J. McKeever - SENCo
Mrs A. Nadeem - Speech and Language Therapist
Mrs L. Heywood - Room Therapist

Site Manager Mrs S Nutall

Our team is complemented by our kitchen and cleaning staff.