Useful documents and information related to the maths curriculum will be provided in this section. 

Summer 1

So far we have looked at comparing, describing and recording the weight of different objects, using language such as heavier and lighter and the correct unit of measurement. We are now going to explore time looking at reading a clock that says o'clock and half past. 

Spring 2

During Spring 2 we looked at identifying and describing 3D shapes. We also explored money, which involved recognising coins and notes and then understanding the value of different amounts. At the end of the term we looked at how to group objects to help count them and how to share an amount between different groups this involved multiplication and division. 

Spring Term 1

We were very busy in our Maths lessons last term, completing lots of work as well as making our lessons fun and practical. Some of the targets we looked at, for which I have put images underneath this section, are recognising money, counting in multiples of 2, finding a half and a quarter or shapes and quantities, completing missing number questions and creating patterns. 

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