Important information related to the literacy curriculum will be included here.

Summer 1

We are currently exploring polar animal, with our aim being to create a non-fiction report. To develop our writing we have been using descriptive language to make our writing more interesting. We have been looking at the features and planning of a report for when we write them during assessed writing. 

Spring 2

During Spring 2 we looked at the traditional tale, Cinderella. Year 1 explored adding the suffixes -ing, -ed, -er and -est. We are created stroy maps to help us then write our own traditional tale. 

Spring 1

At the start of Spring 1 year 1 learnt about features of a fantasy story so that they could create their own. We explored using exclamation marks and questions marks. Year 1 incorporated all of this into their own planning and writing of a fantasy story. 

Year one then learnt all about Mister Magnolia and Mrs Armitage who are characters from two fiction stories by Quentin Blake. We looked at using adjectives to make our writing more interesting, using the connective 'and' to develop our sentences and using the prefix un-. Year 1 used the knowledge they had gained to write a letter from Mrs Armitage and create a fact file on Mister Magnolia.

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