At Pike Fold we celebrate all areas of achievement including attendance.

The National expectation is 96%

Every week we have an assembly to celebrate class attendance for the previous week. The top 3 classes will be put on the school website.

For each class attendance above 93% the class win money for their class banks. At the end of the half term the class with the most amount of money get to spend it on a class reward! The class also receive the Trophy for the next half term.

Perfection 100% = £10

Outstanding 97%-99.9% = £5

Good 94%-96.9% = £3

Inadequate ≤93% =£0

At the end of the term we celebrate with all the children who achieved the school target of 97% or above. If your child attends 97% or more for the term they receive a medal and if they attend for 97% or more of the time for the WHOLE year they not only receive a medal but go on an attendance trip!

Summer Term 2016 - We have started a new weekly attendance initiative. If your child attends everyday Monday - Friday achieving 100% attendance they will be entered into a prize draw that will take place during the attendance assembly.

Summer term 2017 - We ended the year on 96.2% but we want to up our game so we are going for a new target of 97%.

Autumn 2017 - We held a parent survey to find out what our parents and children think of the attendance rewards. Please find results attached. We will be starting our new Reward system from Autumn 2017. 

Summer 2018 - Unfortunately we did not reach our Target of 97% but we did well to get 96.1%. All the children who reached the school target of 97% or more for the year have recieved thier medals and will be going on a trip in November. 

Autumn 2018 - Launch of our Attendance HERO'S.





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