Starwash success!

On Thursday 29th June the Fiver Challenge group, 'Starwash', ran a charity carwash for the 'We Love Manchester Emergency Fund'.  The day was a fantastic success and we raised over £450!  

We had various job roles for the day, which were covered by the children and staff members.  These included washing cars in our layby, washing staff cars in our carpark, selling cakes and making teas and coffees, working out change for customers and running for fresh buckets of water.  Although we picked a rainy day to run our carwash the children showed amazing teamwork and determination to make the day a roaring success.  We demonstrated a brilliant growth mindset and we powered through to make ourselves proud.

We had help from one of our school governors, Lee, who brought along his fire hose to help us rinse the cars.  This was an amazing help and enabled us to make the time per car lower, allowing us to wash a greater number.  We were blown away by the community spirit and we had customers that included emergency service vehicles, parents and an ex Manchester United player!

A huge thank you to all the adults and children who made this day possible.  We would also like to say thank you to Halfords for donations of buckets and sponges, our local Co-op for donations of jam and cream, Together Money for donations of cups for our teas and coffees, a very kind parent who provided ponchos on the day and everyone who donated scones.  Finally a massive thank you to everyone who dug deep and thanks to your generous donations we are able to help a very worthy cause.

The Starwash teamyes