Feed the birds 🦆🐦🐤🐧

Date: 12th Oct 2017 @ 9:09pm

 We started our session today talking about respect fo each other and our environment- saying what we could do to help each other and how we need to tidy away all our rubbish in order to return the forest to its natural inhabitants.


We talked about the robin who has been visiting us and decided to try to make some bird feeders using lard and bird seed spread onto sticks- it was messy and gooey but the birds will enjoy it now the weather is getting cooler and there are less grubs to eat. We continued to enjoy our mud kitchen cutting up apples and pumpkins. We also used the tools to make various items such as well as introducing a palm drill to make name cookies. 


We enjoted toasted chocolate croissants on the fire as we reflected on our afternoon. 

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